Housing Authority Birmingham District | PROCUREMENT
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If you would like to do business with the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, please read the following information and proceed to the required form.

The doing business with HABD form must be completed in full.

Contractor Responsibility Procurements shall be conducted only with responsible contractors who have the technical and financial capabilities along with a satisfactory record of integrity. Before awarding a contract, HABD shall review the proposed contractor’s ability to perform the contract successfully, considering factors such as the contractor’s integrity (including a review of the List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement of Non-procurement Programs published by the U.S. General Services Administration and Limited Denials of Participation issued by HUD), compliance with public policy, record of past performance (including contacting previous clients of the contractor, such as other PHAs), and financial and technical resources. If a prospective contractor is found to be non-responsible, a written determination of non-responsibility shall be prepared and included in the contract file and the prospective contractor shall be advised of the reasons for the determination.

Suspensions and Debarment Contracts shall not be awarded to debarred, suspended or ineligible contractors. Contractors may be suspended, debarred, or determined ineligible by HUD in accordance with HUD regulations (24 CFR Part 24) when necessary to protect HABD in its business dealings.

Qualified Bidder’s List Interested businesses will have an opportunity to be included on qualified bidders lists. Any pre-qualified lists of persons, firms or products used in the procurement of supplies and services shall be kept current and will include enough qualified sources to ensure competition. Firms will not be precluded from qualifying during the solicitation period. Solicitation mailing lists of potential contractors shall include, but not be limited to, such pre-qualified suppliers.


Required Efforts HABD, in accordance with the Executive Orders 11625 and 12138, encourages participation by businesses owned and operated by minorities and women and Section 3 Business Concerns. It is the policy of HABD to use best good faith efforts, consistent with applicable federal regulations and executive orders, to fully promote participation and utilization of disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses in all areas of Authority contracting. Bidders and offerors are expected to demonstrate diligence to achieve participation and utilization. HABD has established an administrative goal of 20% utilization of disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses for performance of the work under this procurement. Bidders are to complete the subcontractor data sheet and identify the disadvantaged and historically underutilized business proposed to be utilized in this work.

Director of Procurement
Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
1826 3rd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233