Housing Authority Birmingham District | RESIDENT COUNCIL
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Each HABD development has a Resident Council. The Resident Council has elected officers who represent the residents in the community. HABD encourages resident participation in and commentary on HABD’s programs. HUD promotes resident participation and the active involvement of residents in all aspects of a housing authority’s overall mission and operation. Residents have a right to organize and elect a resident council to represent their interests. Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) shall recognize the ‘duly elected’ resident council to participate fully through a working relationship with the PHA.

Resident leadership remains focused on building a better community. Community Engagement continues to partner with CPAB, assisting with programming, publicity, transportation, and support.  In 2019,  HABD’s Council President Advisory Board (CPAB) won the National Alliance of Resident Services in Affordable and Assisted Housing’s (NARSAAH) Resident Advisory Board of the Year Award. Each year, the CPAB hosts a Resident Council Empowerment Conference which focuses on the education of resident council roles and responsibilities. The two-day event draws resident council members of public housing authorities from around the southeast.

Armon Matthews
Interim VP of Community Engagement

Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
1826 3rd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233