Housing Authority Birmingham District | OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY
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The HABD Community Safety department is committed to protection services in accordance with the law and guided by a spirit of fairness, compassion and excellence. HABD partners with law enforcement to address resident concerns about potential crime in public housing. Any questions, comments or concerns may be emailed to kforeman@habd.net. It will be reviewed and immediate action will be taken to address all issues. Our division is responsible for the safety of 14 public housing communities, including the safety and security of residents, employees and visitors. We are committed to effectively reducing crime and aggressively targeting violations and other conditions that detract from the quality of life of residents in and around Birmingham public housing communities. The HABD  Community Safety department is a part of the Birmingham Public Safety Task Force to reduce crime within the public housing communities. The HABD Community Safety Department cooperates with local, state, and federal partners to locate, investigate and/or capture those individuals residing in or frequenting the public housing communities.


HABD will take action against applicants, program participants and owners who commit fraud, bribery and other criminal acts. Program participants who commit fraud could be required to repay all overpaid rental assistance and/or have their Section 8 assistance terminated. If you know or suspect someone who commits fraud, bribery or other corrupt or criminal acts, please report it immediately by calling the HABD anonymous tip line at 205-521-0761 or to make an anonymous complaint email your tip to tips@habd.net Anything reported is strictly confidential. Due to privacy laws, HABD may not provide any information about program participants or the outcome of an investigation. Intentional misreporting of information may be actionable and subject to criminal investigation.


Ken Foreman, Director of Community Safety
(205) 521-0618

Anonymous Tip Line

You may provide an anonymous tip by calling the HABD tip line at 205-521-0761 or email at tips@habd.net

If you have an emergency please dial 911