Housing Authority Birmingham District | FAMILY SELF-SUFFICIENCY (FSS)
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FSS is a voluntary program that coordinates housing assistance with public and private resources to enable assisted families to achieve economic self -sufficiency.  Through the FSS program, one can develop job skills, education and training needs to achieve monetary independence, obtain goals and accomplishments.  The participants work with a program coordinator to assess their strengths, identify barriers, set goals, and work to achieve them.  This assistance is provided to participants and their families for up to five years.  Once the participants and the coordinators develop a plan, assistance from HABD is given to identify educational and employment goals.  Activities and services are outlined to achieve these goals.

HUD’s definition of Self Sufficiency is no longer receiving housing choice vouchers, public or Indian housing assistance, or and federal, state, or local rental assistance and or homeownership subsidies.

Who is Eligible

Public Housing, House Choice Voucher Residents, and the RAD Conversion (PBV) or (PBRA) Head of Household are all eligible.

Please contact the following for Support Services:


Lisa Armstrong – Public Housing FSS Coordinator


Marks Village



Elyton Village

Harris Homes

Tom Brown

Morton Simpson



Nicole Crenshaw – Public Housing FSS Coordinator


Kimbrough Homes

Cooper Green

Roosevelt City/Ben Greene

Villas at Titusville/Loveman Village

Smithfield Court

Freedom Manor

N. Birmingham Homes


Shundra Gichuru – HCV/Section 8 FSS Coordinator




Jacqueline R. French
Interim Vice President of Special Projects and Support Services
Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
1826 3rd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 521 0614